Brancusi torso


Dan Er Grigorescu

Series black and white silver print on baryte
One off
H 100
L 150
D 4
H 39.37
W 59.05
D 1.6
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About the artists
Dan Er Grigorescu - Galerie Negropontes
Dan Er Grigorescu

Romanian freelance photographer Dan Er. Grigorescu spent a large part of his life in France, although his love for his country of birth remained unconditional, as evidenced by the thirty or so books he published. The Danube delta and the works of Constantin Brancusi were his muses. He frequented Paris’ vibrant artistic scene and took candid and poignant portraits of its protagonists. But his work was beyond reportage: through his lens he captured a universal narrative. Grigorescu constantly sought to unveil the fleeting manifestation of profoundness. In 1982, he took part in the Venice Biennale. His photographs of Brancusi’s works were presented in very large formats at the international pavilion. In 2019, the MNAC in Bucharest devoted an exhibition to him, and Xavier Barral re-edited his book on Brancusi. Dan Grigorescu’s works reveal his perfect mastery of blacks and contrasts, his permanent quest for purity, his desire to capture the beauty of the world and celebrate it.

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