Ulrika Liljedahl

Ulrika Liljedahl - Galerie Negropontes


Ulrika Liljedahl’s Swedish roots endow her with a curiosity and ability to observe nature that permeates all of her creations. Her inspiration is the living. This is reflected in her work through the use of materials such as horsehair or leather, but also through the use of natural and synthetic materials. At the core is her ability to use the material’s distinctive characteristics, working around their constraints and introducing new and surprising forms of expression. Her works are designed to be the quintessence of the materials she exalts, playing on their intrinsic movements and contained vibrations. She instinctively harnesses the colours she chooses and carefully positions, creating breathtaking swirling gradations. Her works are always elegant, crafted like haute-couture pieces that have been removed from their context. Suspended in the air or placed on the ground, they are fuelled by their duality: their presence is strong and enveloping, the subtlety of the details is pervasive, acting like a fantasy enhancer.

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