Benjamin Poulanges

Benjamin Poulanges - Galerie Negropontes


Multi-faceted artist Benjamin Poulanges offers a distinctive vision. His experience is far-ranging, his mind open to all things related to art, fashion, design and luxury. In 2016, seeking to express his innermost sensitivity, Poulanges reinvents himself by trying a new form. He studies ceramics at the bicentenary Rometti factory near Rome. This ancient material, steeped in tradition, allows him to create oversized classical forms to which he brings instability and movement. They serve as a background for a pictorial expression that is both controlled and free. The successive firings that are required slow down the work, creating a thoughtful and instinctive dialogue. The generous shapes and their apparent imbalance reveal, through their colours, ever-changing works. Blacks and blues, mattes and satins, respond and collide.

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