Garo Minassian

Brushed aluminum on dibond 3 mm
Numbered edition
H 120
L 80
H 47.2
W 31.5
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About the artists
Garo Minassian - Galerie Negropontes
Garo Minassian

My passion for the eye saw the light the day I gave the arm to a blind man to help him cross the street. I was fourteen years old. Since, it has continually grown, nourished by an aesthetic sense cultivated within a family of artists. A father who was a virtuoso of precision and creativity in watchmaking, who instilled in me a concern for detail and impressed upon me the importance of rigor for a job well done, all while sharpening my analytical mind. A mother who had a real gift for painting and an appetite for the Arts and History, which she passed on to me. A brother who is an interior designer. An uncle and a cousin who are jewelers. My openness to others, my thirst to discover and understand the world also come from this family heritage. By the circumstances of History, our Armenian origins were rooted in Lebanese soil. This oriental culture full of diversity was then impregnated with the western spirit, and Paris became the land of choice for the expression and the blossoming of my art. It is rich of this background that I scan and observe life in my singular way to reveal its soft or colorful beauties, to grasp its ephemeral moments. Each time I place the viewfinder in front of my eye, a particular intimacy is created between the subject and myself. I embrace the world as it is, with all its nuances and subtleties, and I appropriate reality as much as the imaginary, the animate as well as the immobile. My sources of inspiration are the grandeur and fragility of Nature and Man. I praise the textural variations of the former and celebrate the figurative richness of the latter. In each vein of a tree trunk, I look for the work of time and the chance of matter. In each wrinkle of a face or banal scene of everyday life, I probe the moment of a small happiness or the anodyne action which makes its character. The canals of Venice become mirrors, intimate laces of light emerge from the midnight blue of an extinguished rock, from the glow of a soap bubble emerges the reflection of the whole world. During my explorations, the beautiful surprises and unsuspected discoveries are countless. Sometimes, I find myself in the rugged, sometimes in what is delicate to the eye; I go from the wonderful harmony of a brightly colored jellyfish to the rough of a statue marked by the years. But whatever the elements and beings that draw my attention, near or far, in color or in black and white, I pursue only one goal: to bring an aesthetic look at the magic of the omnipresent invisible. I savor each second of time that I stop with a click, then I dip my pen in the palette of raw or enveloping lights, and interpret the breath of life. The unknown protagonists of my benevolent curiosity are like accomplices. During a decisive moment that will never come back, they express lightheartedness, grace, love; at times, contained suffering; at others, solitude. Morsels of humanism coiled in ordinary moments. And, magnified, the textures of the natural elements express in silence their immutable characters.

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