Garo Minassian

Hahnemühle metallic baryta on 2mm dibond
Numbered edition
H 105
L 70
H 41.33
W 27.55
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About the artists
Garo Minassian - Galerie Negropontes
Garo Minassian

Nourished by an aesthetic sense cultivated within a family of artists of Armenian origins, rooted in Lebanese soil, then impregnated with the western spirit, Garo scans and observes life with a singular eye. He embraces the world with all its nuances and subtleties, and appropriates reality as much as the imaginary, the animate as well as the immobile. His sources of inspiration are the grandeur and fragility of Nature and Man. He praises the textural variations of the former and celebrates the figurative richness of the latter. Whatever the elements and beings that attract his attention, near or far, in color or black and white, rough or delicate, he pursues a single goal: to reveal the magic of the invisible, the omnipresence of beauty.

Thus, in each vein of a tree trunk, he looks for the work of time and the chance of matter. In each scene of everyday life, he probes the moment of a small happiness. The canals of Venice become mirrors, from the midnight blue of an extinguished rock emerge intimate laces of light, from the glow of a soap bubble emerges the reflection of the whole world. Under his gaze, the pieces of humanism and the magnified natural elements express in silence their immutable characters.

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