Benjamin Poulanges & Marc Deloche

Benjamin Poulanges & Marc Deloche - Galerie Negropontes


Benjamin Poulanges is a multi-faceted artist with an original vision of the creative world, inspired by his many experiences. His mind is open to everything to do with art, fashion, design and luxury. In 2016, strengthened by these experiences, he didn’t hesitate to challenge himself when he decided to express his own sensibility. He trained in ceramics at the bicentenary Rometti factory. This material enables him to work with oversized classical forms, to which he gives movement and instability. He then turned to canvas as a support, where shapes and their imbalance are revealed through ever-changing colors: blacks and blues, matte and satin, respond to each other and collide.

After studying at the UP1 School of Architecture in Paris, where he graduated, Marc Deloche set up his own architectural practice in Toulouse. He also works on the renovation of houses and apartments, with projects in France and abroad. Marc Deloche has been passionate about jewelry for a very long time. Before creating them, he collected them from a wide range of origins, sometimes ethnic, sometimes more classical but older pieces from periods such as the 1930s or 1940s. The adventure of life led him behind a workbench, learning and discovering the magical world of jewelry creation.

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