The Gallery

Galerie Negropontes is run by its founder Sophie Negropontes, and Hervé Langlais, designer and art director. The gallery presents exceptional creations made by craftsmen of unmatched skills, reviving the tradition of French Decorative Arts with a resolutely contemporary vision. The gallery works with passionate craftsmen, renowned artisans, cabinet makers, mirror makers and stonemasons. Their long-standing collaboration is a rich professional and human adventure. In addition to its collections, Galerie Negropontes creates bespoke pieces for exceptional projects such as apartments, villas, yachts or private planes. The guiding principles of the gallery are a love of beauty and fine craftsmanship, and a wish to renew the tradition of luxury à la française.

Sophie Negropontes

Sophie Negropontes, Greek-Romanian parisienne, photographers’ daughter and enlightened art lover, founded Galerie Negropontes in 2012 with the desire to create a cosmopolitan environment dedicated to beauty. Her career has always been geared towards luxury and innovation, so it was natural that she open a refined address in the heart of Paris to receive and advise clients. Sophie Negropontes is attentive to each client’s needs, creating pieces that meet their every wish.