Maison Pinton

Wool rug, from Bruno Fael
Limited edition of 9
H 250
L 180
H 98.4
W 70.8
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About the artists
Maison Pinton - Galerie Negropontes
Maison Pinton

For over 150 years, Pinton has been perpetuating the savoir-faire of the Royal Manufacture of Aubusson, which has made France famous for the manufacture of top-of-the-range rugs and tapestries. In the 20th century, textile art emancipated itself from painting, becoming a medium in its own right, exploring new techniques. Strongly attached to the quality of their work, the Pinton workshops pursue a tradition of close collaboration with contemporary artists, in perpetual exchange with the different trades that interact from the first sketch to the fall of the loom. Galerie Negropontes wished to confront these high standards with those of Perrin & Perrin. The couple was immediately drawn into this new project, examining, proposing and questioning themselves in order to work with a hitherto unknown material, turning it into a new mode of expression.

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