Des nuées


Cécile Gauneau and Anna Lucchini

Acrylic on canvas
Framed with bezel H 19, 6 x W 15,7 in
H 40
L 30
D 2
H 15.7
W 11.8
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About the artists
Cécile Gauneau and Anna Lucchini - Galerie Negropontes
Cécile Gauneau and Anna Lucchini

A graduate from “Olivier de Serre” school, Cécile Gauneau, after a few years as an art director in the world of advertising, embarked on the “Wall haute couture”.An ornamental painter, working with architects and decorators, she designs and creates precious decorations and unique models on canvas, walls and rare surfaces such as gold, leather, velvet, silk, raffia, etc. It is today with Anna, her daughter, to whom she transmitted her know-how, that she creates decorations with “4 hands” to poetize the space.As directors of color, they set their sets in the luxurious setting of major hotels around the world, private residences, embassies, yachts and in different locations such as Paris, London, Tokyo or Beijing.

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