The Salon Art + Design NY


For its second year at The Salon Art + Design, at the Park Avenue Armory in New York from November 8 to 12, 2018, Galerie Negropontes will be exhibiting a selection of artworks and exceptional designs unseen in the United States. Sophie Negropontes and Hervé Langlais have chosen two major pieces from their latest collection "Paysage architectural" (Architectural Landscape). The Gallery's sixth collection is an opportunity for Langlais to return to the essence of his artistic training. He pays tribute to two artists who have inspired him: Carlo Scarpa and Josep Lluis Sert. Each of these pieces can be seen as microarchitecture, adhering to a global, aesthetic and functional reflection. This year, sculptors Perrin & Perrin are presenting monumental pieces that have harmoniously found their place in this collection. Splash is a mural installation consisting of 14 glass elements. Its deep oceanic blue provides the visitor with a serene experience. The Night Street pair of sculptures are demonstrations of the technical virtuosity of "Build-in-glass" glass and its use as a creative force for the artist couple. Éric de Dormael's works add poetry and grace. In spring 2018, Sophie Negropontes devoted a solo exhibition “Vingt années-lumières” (Twenty light-years) to the sculptor. Along with the accompanying catalogue, the exhibition traces twenty years of his artistic career and creative exploration. A very beautiful collection of photographs by Dan Grigorescu is on display at the gallery's stand. The Romanian photographer is also in the spotlight this year. In April, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest inaugurated “One Monument Later”, an exhibition centred around his work on Brancusi's monumental sculptures. In November 2018, a book is being published on Dan Grigorescu by Éditions Xavier Barral. Two young artists are also present at PAD London with Galerie Negropontes. Etienne Moyat, whose work with wood is monumental, presents a sculpted wall panel in warm tones. The raw material is worked in relief with soft curves, serving as a backdrop to the stand designed by Hervé Langlais. For the first time in New York, ceramics by young artist and scenographer Benjamin Poulanges will be on display. His pieces form an ensemble called Orage (Storm). With their chaotic shapes and changing colours, his ceramics evoke the instability of this natural phenomenon, One perceives in his work the strength of an artist who masters the elements.